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CoR: Panic at the.. Dance hall? by Bulbiekins CoR: Panic at the.. Dance hall? by Bulbiekins
A scene from the New Year's Dance event, with chibis! Because I love chibis, shhhh. I want to get better at drawing them anyways.

So, I was gonna post a few posts from the RP that ~Rothkind, ~LaDjanny and I had at the event but.. Well, that would've been a LONG quote to post so I'll just summarize it in my own words.  Not that that would be too short either, but hopefully shorTER.
So yep, Story time~.


The three who had found each other the day before in Ormona, had now gathered again at the New Year's Dance in Norietaia, thanks to Malcolm who had informed the two others of that celebration, both would have no-doubt missed it had he not invited them there! Though Ilkaner and C were not there for the same reason as Mal would be, no, the Sunflora was there on duty, keeping an eye on people so no one would be up to no-good.. Mmmmore of less succesfully.. But still! Even from his work, he had time to go greet the people he had invited over. 

The Liepard had been somewhat anxious to be here; he was not used to being on a public place without all his protective armour and thus felt quite vulnerable. He just felt weird not being covered in metal and leather. But he hid that feeling quite well and the only thing to signal others about his nervousness was the way he was fiddling about with his Kain's Cross necklace. After all, he relied on Lord Kain to keep him from harm.. When he saw his fellow knight, he was rather excited, the more familiar faces the better! While.. C found it best to hide behind the Liepard in light of the less-than-pleasant first impression she had gotten of Mal -reasons of which I shan't now start to talk about. 

Though at that time Ilka was not aware of a certain fact about this celebration.. He had arrived late and never saw the opening speech that his Deity, Kain, had held. He didn't even know the God of Knights was there! Not until Mal pointed it out to him. Literally! Just the mention of Kain's presence caused the Liepard's tail-fur to puff up slightly, and then he saw the Deity holding a lady in his arms. What was going on? The cross fell from his fingers, like he was afraid to touch it now that the man it represented was there, just some metres away! He always sought comfort in his Lord's existence, but never did he think he'd come face-to-face with him, not so early in his travels at least, not in this kind of place. Where was he supposed to look for safety in this situation? It was of course amazing to see the Deity, it was something he was wishing to experience someday, but not NOW. What would he say? What would he do? He was not worthy of seeing his deity in person..!

Ilka really was frozen from this shock, and that feeling spread to C as well. He was always so calm, but not now, Kain was probably the only person in this world who could shake the Liepard this way, it was a connection of respect and fear, and it would be hard to break.. 


Just imagine; you're a devout Christian and you attend a New Year's ball with a few frieds. And as soon as you get there one of those friends points out that JESUS is there dancing with everyone else. It would be quite a shock, no doubt! What would he be doing here, among normal people, dancing with a lady like Kain was in the RP?! That is pretty much the situation Ilka was in in this RP! He just basically crumbled up onto himself internally, he was so shocked! Though after a while he was able to calm down when he saw Kain didn't seem to notice him in the crowd. And because he was able to come up with a back-up plan in case the god would come to him and ask about his progress with his training. Because of course Kain would know what his cultists are up to! Those poor suckers. Really thinking Kain hears their prayers.

And uhhh, yes! Formal-like wear! Ilka's outfit.. I had nooo idea what to give him. I was thinking something medieval, but looking through my history-of-clothes book I decided I REALLY didn't want to draw Ilka in anything like that.. They just looked weird and I didn't like them.. So, because this is a FANTASY group, I took some artistic liberties and went with something a biiit more Victorian-styled. A vest, long pants and heeled dancing shoes, accompanied by his trusty cape and.. Helmet. Yeah. I can't help thinking about Daft Punk because of that. |D Hope that was fine. And C's dress is based on a ref Rothie had drawn herself, so all credit for C's Medieval dress goes to her. vuv

Also.. Yes. It doesn't show on his app too well because of the pose, but his cape is a bit funky. When he wears it with his armor, the cape itself is slipped trough between the gap of his chest- and shoulder armors, leaving one of the pieces still under the chest armor. It has been made to be worn with the armor, but he really likes wearing it even without! And yes. It has some pleads on the top. But on the bottom it's completely even compared to the red fabric on the inside. I dunno how to explain it fhhh.

I really want to sew myself that cape now. Maybe rather in black-and-blue, but still. 

And also hOLY COW. It took me ages to get Mal's armor lined. XDD But you know.. First time drawing a certain character.. I hope there aren't too many mistakes! There are bound to be some but.. Just do tell me, Dj, so I can do better in later piccies. ;U;

Ilka's visor is a pain in the butt too. Especially since I have trouble making out black-on white patterns. Especially straight, vertical lines! I just.. Ffff. Eyes. Why.

And I had no idea what to draw for the background because I dunno what the dance hall was supposed to look like. |D So I just made random black silhouettes and shadows everywhere.

But hopefully this is fine. ;u; And sorry for being so rably and awkward in RPs.. I just can't.. ;A; I just am not too good at making stories and coming up with scenarios when I am not familiar and controlling all the characters involved. I work much better with a specific plot in mind, when I know what's happening. OTL


For: :iconcollapse-of-reality:'s New Year's Ball -RP-event.

Pokémon belongs to Nintendo.

C the Poison-Drifblim belongs to :iconrothkind:

Malcolm the Water/Dragon Sunflora belongs to :iconladjanny:

Ilkaner the Fire-Liepard is mine. ;u;

:bulletred: Location: Norietaia City. Or however it's spelled. I never will learn. ;A;

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Jenndragon Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
Oh my goodness poor cat! xD he looks so flustered and nervous haha
Bulbiekins Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Yeah. 8'D I just love throwing him at awkward situations. *SIGH* Thank you. ;U;
Jenndragon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
It's way too fun ahahaa xD
Rothkind Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This Is so lovely ahahaha oh dear Poor Kitty face looks like he is about to faint.

They look all so precious uwu
Love those chibis and C looks so cute too haha.

It was a Fun Ball, and awkward Poor Ilka maybe you get to meet kain sometime uwu
without actuall getting a heartattack
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